2017 NSS Labs SonicWall Security Value Map

Updated August 1, 2017

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In a follow-on NGFW Test in July 2017, the SonicWall NSA 6600 is now strongly positioned in the upper right quadrant of the NSS Labs SonicWall Security Value Map™ (SVM). The results of this public retest mean that SonicWall has excelled in the industry's most comprehensive, real-world testing of NGFWs.

With the updated 2017 findings, NSS Labs verifies that the NSA 6600:

  • Demonstrated as one of the highest-rated and best-value NGFWs in the industry, with scores of 97.8% Security Effectiveness at a low TCO of $10 per Protected Mbps (Figure 1)

  • Blocked 99.76% of real-time, real-world live exploits

  • Tested 100 percent effective in countering all advanced HTTP evasion, obfuscation and fragmentation techniques (Figure 2)

  • Earned 100 percent in stability and reliability, firewall, application control and identity awareness tests.