Anti-Spam & Email Security

With innovative protection techniques for both inbound and outbound email plus unique management tools, the Email Security platform delivers superior email protection today—while standing ready to stop the new attacks of tomorrow.

Anti-spam filter solution with real-time protection

Block spam, phishing, zombie and virus attacks with over 99% effectiveness and ensure delivery of good email using an array of proven and patented techniques.

  • Multiple techniques for multiple tricks
  • Aggressive where it counts
  • Flexible routing
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Real-time threat information

Get the most up-to-date protection against new email attacks with real-time information from the SonicWall Global Response Intelligent Defense Network and GRID Anti-Virus™ signatures.

  • Collect and analyze millions of data points
  • Identify new threats in real-time
  • Reputation score for message content, structure, links, sender IP, images, and attachments
  • Threat info sourcing from user contributions, real-time black lists, and industry sources
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IP reputation and connection management

SonicWall Advanced Reputation Management evaluates email sender and content reputation and rejects up to 90% of known junk mail.

  • More than sender IP reputation
  • Enhanced connection management techniques
  • Quality service
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Zombie detection

Detection services detect and stop zombie generated outbound spam, phishing and virus email, and can even scan and apply compliance rules to outbound email and attachments.

  • Attachment scanning to discover Malware-laden messages
  • Scrutinizer
  • Send rates are checked for each sender
  • All messages must come from someone in your LDAP registry
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Policy Management

Customize rules to detect and block specific types of attachments, reroute email from competitors and check outbound email for specific words and phrases.

  • Creating the test
  • Determining the action
  • Hardware failover
  • Setting the applicability
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Email monitoring and reporting

Centralized reporting (even in Split Mode) gives you easily customizable, system-wide and granular information on attack types, solution effectiveness and built-in performance monitoring.

  • Over 30 types of reports grouped into eight categories
  • Monitors and logs all activities including messages rejected by the IP Reputation service
  • Reports can be customized, scheduled to run and automatically emailed when complete
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End-user controls

Administrators can choose how much control to delegate to end users, by deploying or deleting junk email boxes, providing access to spam blocking settings and more.

  • Personalized spam management
  • Personal allowed and blocked lists
  • Actionable junk box summary
  • Delegating access
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Scalable and flexible deployments

Easy to set up and administer, Email Security can be deployed as a hardware appliance, as a virtual appliance leveraging shared computing resources, or as software.

  • Centralize domain management with a multi-domain, multi-LDAP deployment
  • Multi-location, central control deployments for distributed organizations
  • Flexible deployments for the Managed Service Provider
  • Scalable and redundant deployments provide peace-of-mind
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Quick Installation

Leverage the built-in Quick Install process to easily activate and configure SonicWall Email Security, and get your organization up and running in less than an hour. Tailor the system to suit organizational needs while minimizing deployment, administration and bandwidth expenses.

  • Enable comprehensive Anti-Spam Services with one-click, and in a matter of minutes
  • Activate, provision and set up SonicWall Hosted Email Security in a few easy steps
  • Allow users to access personal settings for spam-blocking aggressiveness
  • Add inbound or outbound policies for users, groups or everyone
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