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SonicWALL SMA 1000 Series Promotion Provides 60% Discount Off MSRP

SonicWALL Secure Mobile Access (SMA) + Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)
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SonicWALL has just announced a special promotion of 60% discount off MSRP on all SonicWALL SMA 1000 Series SKUs for SonicWALL partners in North America. This promotion is available when a new chassis is sold alongside a net new and/or pre-existing SonicWALL NGFW through January 31, 2017.

  • All SonicWALL SMA 1000 Series models are eligible (SMA 6200, SMA 7200, SMA 8200v, SRA EX6000, SRA EX7000 and SRA EX9000), including SMA 1000 Series user licenses, support, etc. 
  • Plus, SonicWALL is giving the SMA 8200v for FREE when customers buy the CMS pooled user licenses, which are also eligible for the 60% discount! 

SonicWALL partners are encouraged to take advantage of this promotion through registering your deals in PartnerDirect. Mention the “SMA 1000 Series Promotion” in the opportunity name to receive your 60% discount off MSRP! 


  • This promotional discount of 60% is only valid for SMA 1000 Series SKUs. It does not apply to any other SonicWALL products. 
  • Customers that already have an installed SMA are not eligible for this promotion. 
  • This promotion is only being run in North America for certified SonicWALL partners. 


SMA 1000 Series Models
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