Attack vectors, have you been targeted?

Attack vectors, have you been targeted?
  • Datum der Aufzeichnung:Nov. 17, 2016
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Attack vectors, have you been targeted?

Modern threats take advantage of all areas of your network to cause maximum harm. Once inside your environment, they propagate freely within your network, as well as transmit information into and out of your network. In order to stop advanced attacks, networks need to be divided into security segments to contain and mitigate threat propagation.

Was Sie lernen werden

Discover proven best practices for implementing network security segments as an effective defense against advanced threats.

• Monitor all – including encrypted – communications traversing the network for malicious activity or content.
• Inspect traffic not just from the internet, but also from devices that connect behind traditional security checkpoints.
• Prioritize critical infrastructure communications to ensure successful business operations.
• And much more...


Rob Krug

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