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Training and Certification

Dell offers an extensive technical training curriculum for Network Administrators, Security Experts and Dell Partners who need to enhance their knowledge and maximize their investment in the Dell SonicWALL Products and Security Applications.

Instructor-led Courses

Dell provides instructor-led courses and technical eLearning modules designed to supply you with extensive technology foundations, in-depth knowledge specific to Dell SonicWALL products, in addition to online practice and an array of supplemental resources to enhance learning.

eLearning Courses

Dell offers a wide-range of high-quality, in-depth eLearning courses. Each course is designed to teach you key security technology fundamentals, along with specific Dell SonicWALL product design, configuration, implementation and troubleshooting topics.

Each Technical eLearning course is self-paced (approximately 6-8 hours). However, courses do not need to be completed in one session. You have unlimited access to all Dell SonicWALL eLearning courses.

Authorized Training Partners

Dell Authorized Training Partners (ATPs) deliver a variety of educational programs to meet the many learning methods that each individual prefers.