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Certification Programs

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Demos On Demand: Certified SonicWALL Sales Representative (CSSR) Training

Dell offers two certification tracks specific to Dell SonicWALL products:

1) Sales Certification and 2) Technical Certification.

Dell’s Sales Certification is awarded to partners that are aligned with the Dell corporate vision, while ensuring partners have access to the latest product information on all of Dell's SonicWALL products. This training includes key product differentiators, value propositions, as well as practice scenarios and questions to prepare you for a successful Sales engagement.

Dell's Technical Certification Programs give you confidence and improve your performance, and will immediately identify you as an expert in your field. Demonstrating your capabilities through certification will give you a key advantage whether you are a Dell Partner, a Network Administrator, or a Security Specialist.

Sales Certifications

Certified SonicWALL Sales Representative (CSSR)

In this multi-module interactive series, you will learn the fundamentals of Dell Software’s security products and solutions. These include Network Security, Secure Remote Access, Email Security, and Policy & Management, this series explores the challenges in today’s market and how to position Dell’s solutions. These resources are available exclusively to Dell Partners and Resellers. For more information on this program and how to become a Certified SonicWALL Sales Representative log into your Dell PartnerDirect account at Partner Direct.

Technical Certifications

For those responsible for designing, implementing, supporting or managing a security infrastructure with Dell SonicWALL products and services, certification is a necessity. Dell certification programs will give you the critical skills necessary to:

  • Extend Dell SonicWALL products and security application capabilities
  • Deliver higher levels of security technology expertise and service
  • Increase personal productivity and confidence that comes with extensive training
  • Extend your company and/or department's service capabilities
Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator (CSSA)

This certification is intended to recognize the Networking Professional who takes and passes one of our certification exams. To prepare for these certification exams, Dell provides a wide range of training options. These options include traditional classroom based instructor led courses, a virtual instructor led course, or our eLearning courses.

Dell recognizes those certified individuals are specially trained and offers benefits to our certified community. CSSA benefits include:

  • Direct access to 2nd level Technical Support (based on regional availability)
  • Access to Dell's SonicWALL Online Forum (discussion group)
  • Support Bulletins and advanced notifications
  • Opportunities to participate in Dell SonicWALL beta programs
  • Certification newsletters
  • CSSA logo usage
How to Become a CSSA

To achieve CSSA certification, you must verify technical competency for a specific discipline by taking and passing a Dell certification exam with a passing score.

Dell strongly recommends taking our Dell SonicWALL technical instructor-led classes in addition to our technical eLearning courses as a means of preparing for our CSSA certification exams. More information on our instructor-led and eLearning courses is available by selecting the “Courses” link at the top of this page.

Where to Purchase CSSA Certification Exams

CSSA certification exams are bundled in with all Dell SonicWALL technical instructor-led classes delivered by a Certified SonicWALL Trainer (CST). Access to the exam will be supplied by your instructor at the end of the course, through the use of an Activation Key. End-user online registration for these classes is available through our training schedule page. You can access this by selecting the Schedule link at the top of this page. Partners should register online through the corresponding training schedule page under PartnerLink to receive partner benefits and pricing.

Test-out CSSA certification exams are available for some courses, and may be purchased directly via mySonicWALL at > My Training > Certification Exams (in North America only).

Master Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator (Master CSSA)

The Master CSSA is the culmination of knowledge derived from multiple Dell SonicWALL technical classes, technical eLearning courses, and real-world experiences across multiple Dell SonicWALL product disciplines.

How to Become a Master CSSA

The Master CSSA certification is available only to those who have already achieved CSSA status. To attain this level of certification, follow the instructions for becoming a CSSA and successfully pass any 3 or more CSSA certification exams, then email requesting this designation.

Certified SonicWALL Security Professional (CSSP)

The CSSP certification is an advanced certification awarded to individuals that have a high level of mastery of Dell SonicWALL products, and who are able to deploy, optimize, and troubleshoot all associated product features. The certification is attained by completing one of the Advanced Administration courses and successfully passing the associated exam.

Due to the advanced nature of the material, advanced administration training is only available in instructor led courses.

How to Become a CSSP

To achieve CSSP certification, you must attend an advanced administration training course and verify technical competency for a specific discipline by taking and passing a Dell SonicWALL CSSP certification exam.

Certified SonicWALL Trainer (CST)

The Certified SonicWALL Trainer (CST) designation is restricted to those training partners that have gone through a rigorous training and certification program before they are entitled to deliver our technical training courses.

How to Become a CST

To achieve CST certification, a candidate must successfully complete the following process for each specific course discipline:

  1. Attend a class delivered by a CST.
  2. Pass the associated in-class certification exam.
  3. Study all course materials and hands-on exercises.
  4. Pass the associated full certification exam.
  5. Successfully co-teach at least 50% of the class with an instructor authorized by SonicWALL to evaluate CST candidates.
Official CST Designation

Official CST designation is achieved through a combination of feedback from the instructor that is co-teaching in addition to students attending the class. Official CST status can be determined only by the SonicWALL technical training department.

Certified SonicWALL Trainers (CSTs) are the only people authorized to present courseware designated by Dell SonicWALL Educational Services ( Further, they must ensure that they only present courseware approved by Dell SonicWALL Educational Services.

At the end of each class, the CST must ensure all students:

  1. Submit Class Feedback form online via
  2. Provide the student access to the appropriate CSSA exam for their class.

CSTs should notify SonicWALL Educational Services at if there were any concerns raised by students during the class delivery.

Lastly, CSTs must stay current by following any recertification procedure required to offer the latest courseware.

Master Certified SonicWALL Trainer

Like the Master CSSA certification, the Master CST program recognizes training professionals who are qualified to teach more than one subject, have taught these courses one or more times per quarter, and who have consistently obtained above average Customer Satisfaction scores.

CST Candidate Requirements

A CST candidate must meet both industry training experience and the background requirements for each specific course discipline they're attempting to certify for.

ATP Requirements

ATPs must coordinate their trainer's certification process directly with the Dell SonicWALL technical training department, and agree to:

  • Only an authorized CST for that discipline may deliver Dell SonicWALL technical instructor-led classes.
  • Provide their qualified CST the required training resources, student kits, and classroom environment to conduct each class.
  • Ensure their instructor maintains an average 80% or better feedback rating for each class through online student evaluations submitted at the end of each class.