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Solutions for Business Needs Windows SBS & EBS

Protection that extends to Windows SBS and EBS.

Dell SonicWALL® Email Security and Network Security solutions are now available for Microsoft Windows® Small Business Sever (SBS) and Essential Business Server solutions (EBS). If you use SBS or EBS, Dell SonicWALL solutions provide the necessary protection to secure these technologies. An ideal compklement to SBS and EBS, Dell SonicWALL solutions deliver a comprehensive security package that ensures businesses of all sizes have access to enterprise class products at affordable prices.

Dell SonicWALL Email Security for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server (SES for SBS).

SES for SBS provides award-winning email protection for both inbound and outbound email. Dell SonicWALL designed SES for SBS specifically to install directly and easily on the SBS hardware server in order to reduce costs and installation time. SES for SBS integrates with SBS to deliver superior anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-virus protection. It also prevents DHA and DOS attacks by employing advanced connection management before mail traffic reaches SBS. Employing 14 different email-filtering techniques to help ensure that only non-threatening email traffic reaches SBS, SES for SBS improves overall SBS performance. SES for SBS offers centrally managed rules and policies as well as superior reporting and management, helping IT to reduce time spent administrating email security.

Dell SonicWALL Email Security for Microsoft Windows Essential Business Server (SES for EBS).

Dell SonicWALL email protection is also available for organizations using Windows Essential Business Server. While Dell SonicWALL SES for SBS is best for organizations up to 75 users, SES for EBS is designed for organizations up to 300 users. Like SES for SBS, the software is designed to be directly installed on the server and is preconfigured to simplify installation and deployment.

Dell SonicWALL Network Security Appliance Series.

The Dell SonicWALL Network Security Appliance (NSA) Series applies Unified Threat Management (UTM) to protect SBS and EBS at the network perimeter without compromising performance. The NSA appliances incorporate Dell SonicWALL Reassembly Free Deep Packet Inspection™ (RFDPI) in combination with a multi-core specialized security processor to deliver gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware and intrusion prevention at gigabit speed. It blocks threats like hackers, viruses and spyware, and controls user access to the server.