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Solutions For Verticals Government

Enable granular application control for your agency.

Enabling better, more secure citizen interaction on Web platforms.

As government addresses the dual missions of reducing costs and increasing citizen service levels, more functions are being conducted on web-based, self-service applications. Dell SonicWALL is unmatched in securing transactional web traffic.

Dell SonicWALL’s Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) combine reassembly-free deep packet inspection with sophisticated application intelligence. This prevents intrusion and malware of all kinds from accessing the relatively open IP ports. What’s more, Dell SonicWALL multicore engines—up to 96 per device in the stackable SuperMassive NGFWs—provide the highest network throughputs available while minimizing latency. The result is the safest, most productive, and most satisfying user experience possible.

Dell SonicWALL security capabilities extend beyond the nation’s borders. Dell SonicWALL’s Global Response Intelligent Defense (GRID) Network and the Dell SonicWALL Threat Center provide continuous monitoring and analysis of the information threat environment worldwide, driving proactive deployment of countermeasures as required.

Securing distributed deployments.

With the increasing interdependence of geographically distributed offices, utilization of teleworkers, virtualization of applications and centralization of data in cloud configurations, the demands of network management are increasing along with the challenges to information security.

The same engines that enable latency-free application intelligence to secure network traffic also provide smarter, more precise visualization of that traffic and those applications. This capability extends from Dell SonicWALL NGFWs to Dell SonicWALL Secure Remote Access (SRA) solutions at virtually any scale. Dell SonicWALL devices can even secure intra-VM traffic in virtual deployments and mobile network access via smart-phones. Because Dell SonicWALL equipment is designed to integrate into a secure information ecosystem, they can all—NGFW, VPN, and wireless—be represented and managed from a single point of control on a unified dashboard, another core principle of NIST security guidance.

Maximizing manageability.

Dell SonicWALL Application Intelligence, Control and Visualization, enables IT administrators to realize even greater efficiencies and more effective control. The Dell SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS) provides administrators a centralized policy-enforcement console so directives can be implemented quickly, precisely, and thoroughly. By isolating and quantifying the impact of individual applications and users on segment and network performance, administrators can also assure more productive use of network resources. And the reporting capabilities enable more thorough forensics and simplified auditing and operational reviews.

Regulatory compliance and simplified provisioning.

Like the most sophisticated information security equipment, Dell SonicWALL solutions empower administrators to satisfy all the regulatory regimes regarding information security and privacy. The equipment itself is likewise compliant. Dell SonicWALL NGFWs are FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria (EAL 4 Augmented) certified. Dell SonicWALL products are available on GSA Schedule, NASA SEWP IV and other Federal contract vehicles.

In combination with Dell SonicWALL Continuous Data Protection (CDP) back-up and recovery solutions, a Dell SonicWALL implementation even addresses the conventional provisions of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)-mandated Continuity of Operations (COOP) Multi-Year Program Management Plans.

Cost containment and maximum resource utilization.

In this era of increasingly tight budgets and more rigorous purchasing criteria, Dell SonicWALL continues to enjoy the lowest total cost of ownership and the best resulting ROI. This is not achieved by selective pricing on flagship products or services. Dell SonicWALL offers a comprehensive and integrated ecosystem of solutions that enable more efficient equipment utilization, lower management and administrative costs and future-proofing of investments. 

In many cases, a Dell SonicWALL solution may be preferable for more reasons than just technical superiority. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology ) Special Publication 800-39 advises that IT provisioning create a heterogeneous environment to present more complex barriers to intrusion and attack and to minimize the impact of any successful attempts. Dell SonicWALL SonicOS 5.8.1 satisfies the need for such heterogeneity.

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Case Studies

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    Weber County

    Weber County replaced its prior Cisco?firewall infrastructure with SonicWALL E-Class NSA E7500 firewalls and an ES8300 for greater visibility into applications and email. Weber County is comprised of approximately 1,200 employees in 25 departments.

    04 Oct 2010 / PDF: 0.38 MB / CS-245
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    Fulton County Government

    Fulton County Government is the principal county of the Atlanta metropolitan area and comprised of 5,800 government employees, including approximately 140 IT staff members.

    22 Aug 2011 / PDF: 0.07 MB / CS-237

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