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Solutions for Business Needs Dynamic Security

Dynamic security: the answer to evolving threats.

Balancing key business priorities and risk management is a key challenge for organizations, made especially difficult in today’s world of continuous change. Companies strive to optimize productivity and maximize ROI by taking advantage of technology trends like Cloud Computing, Web 2.0, virtualization and mobility. These trends extend the value of business networks, but also create new avenues for rapidly evolving and increasingly dangerous threats. While cyber criminals globally are financially and even politically motivated, organizations today must defend themselves within ever tightening budget restraints.

Dynamic security adapts to the changing world.

Historically, organizations have had to settle for static point solutions that cannot dynamically adapt to the continuously shifting threats or easily adjust to new technologies or business demands. These solutions also add complexity and expense. Dell SonicWALL technology innovations offer dynamic, comprehensive, cost effective alternatives to address this fast changing world. With Dell SonicWALL Dynamic Security for the Global Network™, companies can achieve the proper balance between business priorities and risk management.

Dynamic security stops today’s and tomorrow’s threats.

Built upon a shared network of millions of global touch points, Dynamic Security begins by leveraging the Dell SonicWALL GRID Network and the Dell SonicWALL Threat Center that provide continuous communication, feedback and analysis regarding the nature and changing behavior of threats worldwide. Dell SonicWALL Research Labs continuously processes this information, proactively delivering defenses and dynamic updates that defeat the latest threats. Utilizing behavioral analysis, our innovative malware identification signature language can detect blended malware to help secure organizations in advance of many of the most malicious cyber attacks.

Protection dynamically extends—anywhere on the global network.

Dell SonicWALL leverages technological innovation with our patented Dell™ SonicWALL™ Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection™ (RFDPI) technology—the foundation for all Dell SonicWALL network security products.1 By combining our single engine with a high speed, multi-core, parallel hardware architecture, we enable simultaneous multi-threat scanning and analysis at wire speed. Importantly, this also provides the technical framework that allows the entire solution to scale for deployment in high bandwidth networks. Finally, by integrating advanced networking and remote access technologies, Dell SonicWALL verifies and defends the security of traditional and mobile wireless networks, users and applications—and their endpoint devices—while scanning and disinfecting the entire data stream across platforms and perimeters. Along with the technological scalability, Dell SonicWALL policy and administration management scales easily as your organization grows.

Dynamic security meets the demands of the global network.

More and more, customers everyday are seeing Dell SonicWALL as a partner who understands the technology, business, social and security challenges ahead. This long-term vision for a secure future, matched with an innovative technological and business approach. Dell SonicWALL drives the cost and complexity out of building and running secure infrastructures, thus enabling organizations of all sizes to achieve greater productivity and IT efficiencies. Dell SonicWALL’s financial, operational and technological excellence makes us the right partner for securing your business with Dynamic Security for the Global Network. Dell SonicWALL Dynamic Security unlocks the potential of the global network for the enterprise, managed service providers (MSPs) and small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

What if you could…

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  1. 1 U.S. Patent 7,310,815 – A method and apparatus for data stream analysis and blocking.