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Solutions for Business Needs Clean VPN

Clean VPN: Because remote access is a strategic initiative.

When running a business, there are always new viruses to address. In addition to computer viruses that plague a network, IT  must also consider outbreaks of real-world viruses like H1N1, natural disasters, and even severe weather conditions, which can each affect employee productivity and bring the organization down. Dell™ SonicWALL™ Clean VPN  enables organizations and employees to stay productive by safely working from home in the event of a disease outbreak or even a simple snowstorm.

Dell SonicWALL Clean VPN: Dual protection.

Dell™ SonicWALL™ delivers the critical dual protection of SSL VPN and high-performance Next-Generation Firewall necessary to secure both VPN access and traffic. This level of secure remote access helps organizations and their employees to stay productive and healthy during periods of business disruption by:

1 Protecting the integrity of VPN access by establishing trust for remote users and their endpoint devices, using enforced authentication, data encryption and granular access policy

2 Securing the integrity of VPN traffic by establishing trust for this traffic, cleaning and authorizing all inbound traffic for malware and checking all outbound VPN traffic in real time. This dual protection of Dell SonicWALL Clean VPN provides a multi-layered approach that can decrypt and decontaminate all authorized SSL VPN traffic before it enters the network environment.

Business as usual, from anywhere, anytime.

To remain competitive today and into the future, organizations must be able to conduct business from anywhere, anytime—especially during periods of crisis, whether due to contagious disease or natural disasters. Secure remote access over Dell SonicWALL Clean VPN can safely extend a business network and deliver a multitude of benefits, all without jeopardizing an organization's integrity.

Workforce continuity.

Disruptions to normal business operations often result in missed opportunities, lost revenue, and a damaged reputation. Clean VPN can help.

Efficiently manage workforce shifts.

In today's dynamic global marketplace, businesses need more flexibility so they can seamlessly react to shifts in workforce requirements.

Work green.

Secure remote access can help reduce carbon footprints and promote "working green" initiatives.

Increase productivity.

Secure remote access broadens market opportunities and collaborative partnerships around the globe. Importantly, it also enables employees, contractors and outsourcers to be more productive through teleworking.

Collaborate with Web 2.0.

Remote collaboration using Web 2.0 applications such as wikis, VoIP and Web conferencing, can reduce expenses.

Case Studies

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    Altru Health System

    Altru Health System® is a community-owned and integrated healthcare system of 3,800 employees and nearly 200 physicians.

    28 Sep 2011 / PDF: 0.38 MB / CS-244
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    Connex Credit Union

    Connex Credit Union replaced their Check Point infrastructure with an SRA 4200 for secure remote access.

    29 Jun 2011 / PDF: 0.09 MB / CS-231

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