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    Sécurité mobile: la limite entre usage personnel et professionnel

    Mélange entre données et applications personnelles et professionnelles sur les dispositifs mobiles : quels sont les risques ?

    17 Jan 2014 / LW-190
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    Mobile Sicherheit: Welche Risiken entstehen, wenn private und geschäftliche Date

    Gemeinsame Nutzung privater und geschäftlicher Daten und Anwendungen auf mobilen Geräten: Welche Gefahren lauern?

    16 Jan 2014 / LW-191
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    Mobile security; the risks of co-mingling personal and business

    Employees and especially mobile workers are increasingly demanding access to mission-critical data and apps from personal smart phones, tablets and laptops. However, co-mingling of personal and business data and apps on mobile devices can create risk of business data loss and introduction of malware.

    15 Jan 2014 / LW-189
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    Why it's time to upgrade to a Next-Generation Firewall

    Distributed networks face the ongoing challenge of securing a continually evolving network perimeter. As threats have evolved to exploit the shifting lines of defense, companies have responded by adding additional layers of security. This need for multiple layers of security has placed an enormous strain on IT professionals, increasing their workload through the management of multiple consoles and security devices. Is your firewall capable of handling the growing demands of your business? Many organizations are now migrating to Next-Generation Firewall solutions to reduce complexity, consolidate functionality and increase employee productivity. In fact, analysts predict that by the year-end 2014, 60% of new purchases will be Next-Generation Firewalls. Find out what is driving this phenomenon and you can benefit by these new solutions by attending the Web seminar.

    17 Jul 2013 / LW-173
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    Shine the light on Shadow IT

    Driven by cloud computing and the consumerization of IT, IT departments are being forced to change how they operate. The explosion of consumer smartphones and tablets for business usage, known as BYOD (bring-your-own-device), is forcing IT organizations to deal with more tech-savvy business users, who are ushering in the era of Shadow IT. As IT departments are painfully aware of the growing practice of hardware devices and software applications that are used for business purposes but are not supported or controlled by the organization’s central IT department. Often IT lacks visibility into usage, which makes it difficult to exert control. Find out how to arm yourself against Shadow IT with Next-Generation Firewalls.

    18 Jun 2013 / LW-168
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    The Best Approach to VMware Virtual Machine Backups

    Due to continued industry’s increasing growth and adoption of server-virtualization, companies of all sizes benefit from these technology advantages. While each virtual host offers the benefits of powering multiple virtual machines that run various business applications on different operating platforms within a single physical server, the backup and recovery of these virtual infrastructures however can become very convoluted and costly if using legacy per-machine, per-agent-based approaches that were not optimally designed for virtual environments. In this webcast, we will examine some of the principle issues with the different backup approaches of virtual machines that exist today and discuss new technology options specifically designed for protecting VMware virtual machines.

    25 Sep 2012 / LW-140
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    Enabling Security and Bandwidth Optimization on Higher Education Networks

    The emergence of IT trends such as Web 2.0 and mobility present a challenging balancing act for colleges and universities across the nation. While social media and “Anytime, Anywhere Learning” clearly enrich the learning experience, these developments present IT administrators with an ever-growing list of educational and administrative demands on their network. New bandwidth–hungry Web 2.0 applications and social media sites are overwhelming networks and first-generation firewalls are failing to stop the invasion of application-based threats. Clearly, higher ed IT administrators need to find a better way to manage bandwidth and security on the new application-centric network. Join this webinar to learn from leading security experts on how to use next-generation firewalls to provide content filtering, bandwidth management and prioritization of application traffic for VoIP, video conferencing and social media resources.

    12 Oct 2011 / LW-42

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