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WXA 2000 WAN Acceleration Appliance

  • Performance
    Performance WXA 5000 WXA 2000 WXA 4000
    Maximum Connections 1800 600 1200
    Maximum Web Caching Connections 1800 600 1200
    TCP/File Compression Yes Yes Yes
    WFS Acceleration Yes Yes Yes
  • Visualization
    Visualization WXA 5000 WXA 2000 WXA 4000
    TCP Visualization Yes Yes Yes
    WFS Visualization Yes Yes Yes
    Web Caching Visualization Yes Yes Yes
  • Flexibility
    Flexibility WXA 5000 WXA 2000 WXA 4000
    Rack-mount Chassis - 1 RU 1 RU
    CPU - Intel 2.0 GHz Intel Dual Core 2 GHz
    RAM - 2 GB 4 GB
    Hard Drive - 250 GB 2x250 GB
  • Deployment
    WXA 5000

    Ideal for small- to medium- sized organizations looking to simplify migration for remote and branch offices and up to 360 users

    WXA 2000

    Ideal for small- to medium- sized organizations with remote and branch offices and up to 120 users.

    WXA 4000

    Ideal for small- to medium- sized organizations with remote and branch offices and up to 240 users.

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Superior WAN optimization and Application Acceleration.

The Dell™ SonicWALL™ WAN Acceleration Appliance (WXA) 2000 reduces application latency and conserves bandwidth, significantly enhancing WAN application performance and improving the end user experience for distributed organizations with remote and branch offices. Unlike standalone acceleration products, the Dell SonicWALL WXA 2000 seamlessly integrates with Dell SonicWALL E-Class Network Security Appliance (NSA), NSA and TZ Series Next-Generation Firewall solutions to offer the unique combined benefit of both prioritizing and minimizing application traffic between sites, resulting in optimal network performance.

WXA 2000 features.

The WXA 2000 hardware appliance improves application performance through innovative WAN acceleration and optimization technology, allowing remote users to collaborate, share and revise large files more effectively and efficiently.

Powerful performance.

With 2 GB of RAM and a 250 GB hard drive, the WXA 2000 can support up to 120 users and 600 concurrent connections on a single appliance.

Bandwidth optimization.

The WXA 2000 remembers data that has been transferred previously, and through data de-duplication, replaces repeated bytes sequences with an identifier to reduce application latency and conserve bandwidth.

Simplified deployment.

As an add-on solution to Dell SonicWALL firewall appliances, the WXA 2000 drastically reduces the complexity of deploying, routing and managing the WXA appliance.

Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

By improving the efficiency and overall utilization of existing WAN bandwidth, the WXA 2000 helps businesses avoid incurring higher monthly expenses to increase WAN bandwidth capacity.

Data compression.

The WXA 2000 increases network performance while reducing latency by compressing data sent across the WAN.

Platform features.

Dell SonicWALL WXA solutions reduce application latency and conserve bandwidth with a variety of optimization techniques, including data caching, file de-duplication, traffic prioritization and more.

Increased security.

When deployed with a Dell SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewall, an additional layer of security is provided through the use of Dell SonicWALL Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection® technology, which scans all traffic and data for threats before sending it to the WAN acceleration appliance.

Byte caching and file caching.

Reducing the amount of redundant data moving between the central office and remote locations,bytecaching and file cachingdramatically decrease traffic volume, thereby improving the user experience.

Protocol optimization.

Users accessing resources over the WAN can take advantage of LAN-like application performance that decreases the latency and chattiness presented by inefficient protocols or application communication.

Web (HTTP) caching.

For Internet-bound web traffic distributed over HTTP, content is cached locally on the WXA appliance which decreases the amount of bandwidth required for web traffic and results in improved browser response times.


Administrative tools and reports deliver real-time insight into the performance gains obtained by introducing WAN acceleration appliances into the network.

Windows File Sharing (WFS) acceleration.

Dell SonicWALL WXA solutions help improve response times while decreasing the amount of data transferred when downloading or accessing files from a shared drive.

Bandwidth prioritization.

When deployed in conjunction with Dell SonicWALL Application Intelligence and Control Service, WXA solutions offer the unique combined benefit of both prioritizing application traffic and minimizing traffic between sites, resulting in optimal network performance.




  1. Maximum users may vary depending on the number of connections being generated per user.
  2. CIFS/SMB acceleration is available only when the Live CD image is installed on the provided hardware.
  3. The max number of Connections is dependent on the hardware specifications and may vary depending on the hardware configuration. The specifications provided are the minimum requirements to run the WXA Virtual Appliance.
  4. NetExtender is required to use the WXA client software. Please refer to the WXA release notes for supportedoperating systems.
  5. The WXA 500 and 6000 software can be downloaded from and requires specific Dell hardware to operate.