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UMA EM5000 Universal Management Appliance

Easy-to-use network security firewall management solution.

Centralize policy management, monitoring and reporting. Configure, enforce and manage global policies for Dell SonicWALL firewall, anti-spam, backup and recovery, and secure remote access. Cluster to support thousands of security appliances.

Centralized security and network management.

Dell SonicWALL GMS gives administrators the integrated tools to deploy, manage and monitor all security policies and services throughout a large-scale, multiple policy enterprise or service provider environment.

Easy firewall policy management.

Administrators can set policies for thousands of Dell SonicWALL firewalls, anti-spam, Continuous Data Protection backup and recovery, and secure remote access solutions from a central location. Administrators can also use GMS to simplify the enablement of VPN connectivity and consolidate thousands of security policies.

Universal Dashboard+

Universal Dashboard

Universal dashboard.

The universal dashboard features customizable widgets, geographic maps and user-centric reporting

Real-time alerts.

Active-device monitoring and alerting provides real-time alert capabilities to facilitate troubleshooting efforts, allowing administrators to take preventative action and deliver immediate remediation.

Centralized logging.

A central location for logging consolidates security events and logs for thousands of appliances, providing a single point to conduct network forensics.

Offline management.

Easily schedule and deploy configuration changes and/or firmware updates on managed Dell SonicWALL appliances to minimize service disruptions.

Streamlined license management.

A single unified console simplifies the management of security and support for Dell SonicWALL license subscriptions.

SNMP support.

Powerful, real-time traps for Dell SonicWALL TCP/IP and SNMP-devices and applications greatly enhance troubleshooting efforts to pinpoint and respond to critical network events.

Rich integrations options.

Take advantage of an application programming interface (API) for web services, CLI support for the majority of functions, and SNMP trap support for both service providers and enterprises.

Real-Time and Historic Reporting+

Real-Time and Historic Reporting

Real-time and historic reporting.

A revolutionary enhancement to support next-generation Syslog reporting streamlines the time-consuming summarization process, allowing for near real-time reporting on incoming Syslog messages providing the ability to extensively drill down into data and customize reports.

Cross-Platform Reporting+

Cross-Platform Reporting

Cross-platform network security monitoring, analytics and reporting.

Extensive cross-platform reporting capabilities include support for numerous Dell SonicWALL products, including firewalls, anti-spam, backup and recovery, and secure remote access platforms.

Intelligent reporting and activity visualization.

Gain greater insight into usage trends and security events through comprehensive management and graphical reports that also deliver a cohesive branding for service providers.

Flexible deployment options.

Dell SonicWALL GMS can be flexibly deployed as a software application on a third party Windows® server (leveraging existing infrastructure), as a Dell SonicWALL E-Class Universal Management Appliance EM5000 (leveraging a hardened high-performance appliance), or as a Dell SonicWALL GMS Virtual Appliance in a VMware® environment (further leveraging shared computing resources to optimize server utilization, ease migration and reduce capital costs).


GMS Mobile.

GMS Mobile, an application for the Apple iPhone platform allows administrators on the go to remotely log into the GMS system to see all the devices under management, check device status, and review GMS alerts as they come in.

GMS Mobile is currently available as a free beta application in the Apple iTunes Store.

Product Specifications

System Capacity
Recommended Maximum Management Capacity 1000 Nodes per UMA; Multiple UMAs can be clustered to manage thousands of nodes.
Recommended Maximum Reporting Capacity 15,000 Syslog Events per Minute
Recommended Maximum Monitoring Capacity 200 SNMP or TCP/IP-enabled devices
GMS Node Licenses 10 Node License included with appliance;
Additional Node Software Upgrades sold separately.
System Scalability Recommended
Device Unrestricted number of UMA devices or GMS server-based clusters
Raw Syslog Up to 90 days of raw data
Summarized Reports Up to 12 months of summarized data
Operating System & Server Application Support
Operating System SonicLinux
Database Internal - Included Dell SonicWALL MySQL 5.0
Database External - Optional Dell SonicWALL MySQL 5.0, Microsoft SQL 2005 (SP2), Microsoft SQL 2008 (SP1)
Dell SonicWALL GMS 6.0
Appliance Characteristics
Form Factor 1U
RAID Support RAID 5
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz
RAM Included/Maximum 4 GB
Internal Hard Drives 4 Replaceable
Disk Size & Type 750 GB SATA
Total Storage Capacity 2.25 TB (RAID 5)
Compact Flash 512 MB
Network Interface 2 GbE IEEE 802.3z or IEEE 802.3ab compliant
Serial Port 1 x 9-pin serial console port
USB 2.0 2 rear ports; 2 front ports
VGA Port Yes
Power Supply Internal 300W; 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 3 Amps
Fans 3 Internal
Technical Specifications
Width 19 in (48.3 cm)
Height 1.75 in (4.4 cm)
Depth 10.75 in (27.3 cm)
Weight 26.75 lbs (12.1kg)
Power - AC Inputs 100-240V Full Range, 60-50 Hz
Power - AC Power Consumption 125W typical, 144W max
Total Heat Dissipation 491 BTU max
Support & Warranty
Hardware Warranty 1-year included with appliance
E-Class 24x7 Support Sold separately; required purchase with appliance

Purchase Information

For details on licensing mechanics for GMS and the UMA, please refer to this document. Following is an overview of all available SKUs.

Appliance SKU
Dell SonicWALL E-Class Universal Management Appliance (UMA) EM5000 with 10 Node GMS Reporting & Management Software License 01-SSC-7665

Upgrade Options Nodes SKU
Dell SonicWALL GMS Software Upgrade 1 01-SSC-7662
5 01-SSC-3350
10 01-SSC-7664
25 01-SSC-3301
100 01-SSC-3303
250 01-SSC-3304
1,000 01-SSC-3306

Software Support

Support Option Term Nodes SKU
Dell SonicWALL GMS E-Class 24x7 Software Support 1 Year "1 1 01-SSC-7675
5 01-SSC-6524
10 01-SSC-6514
25 01-SSC-3334
100 01-SSC-3336
250 01-SSC-3337
1,000 01-SSC-3338
  1. 2 and 3 year support SKUs are also available.


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