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Aventail E-Class SRA EX9000 Appliance

Secure remote access solutions for the worldwide mobile enterprise.

Secure mobile and remote access for global mobile enterprise. Maximize IT control and increase productivity for up to 20,000 concurrent users. Clientless SSL VPN controls access to any application from a broad range of cross-platform devices.

starting at $35,000

Product features.

Advanced endpoint control, a single access gateway, and built-in support for mobile devices allow a growing workforce to be productive virtually anywhere, anytime.

Award-winning enterprise-scale SSL VPN.

Recognized by top analysts as an industry leader, the award-winning Dell SonicWALL E-Class SRA Appliances provide a complete SSL VPN solution for the enterprise. Dell SonicWALL was named in the Visionaries Quadrant in the SSL VPN Magic Quadrant Report from Gartner, Inc., considered the leading analyst firm covering the SSL VPN industry.

Increased productivity.

Dell SonicWALL E-Class SRA works with more devices, including managed and unmanaged smartphones, tablets and laptops. Dell SonicWALL E-Class SRA makes your users more productive by providing easy, policy-enforced access to more applications from more environments — including iOS®, Android®, Windows®, Linux®, and Macintosh® — than any other secure access solution.

Faster ROI. Lower TCO.

Dell SonicWALL E-Class SRA Series Appliances lower IT costs by enabling network managers to easily deploy and manage a single secure access gateway that extends mobile and remote access via SSL VPN for both internal and external users to all network resources — including Web-based, client/server, host-based, desktop virtualization and back-connect applications like VoIP.

Solutions for mobile devices.

Dell SonicWALL E-Class SRAs offer flexible solutions for mobile platforms. Mobile Connect™ provides an "in-office" remote access experience for users of iOS, Mac OSX, Google® Android™, Kindle Fire and Windows 8.1 devices. E-Class SRA appliances also feature browser-based access for Symbian®, BlackBerry® and WAP devices, plus ActiveSync support for Apple iOS, Google Android and Symbian devices.

Secure per app VPN access to corporate resources from personal devices.

With our latest release, you can ensure that only authorized mobile business applications (such as secure containers and virtual desktop apps) access the VPN. Only Dell Secure Mobile Access speeds deployment and reduces costs by eliminating the need for modification, app wrapping or SDK development. Validate digital signatures prior to access to reduce malware risk. Enforce worker acceptance of customizable policy terms, and record registration and policy information to minimize legal risk.

Protect from malware and rogue access.

Protect networks and resources from mobile malware and rogue access with context-aware authentication, which grants access only to trusted devices and authorized users. Configure policies to interrogate mobile devices for essential security information such as jailbreak or root status, device ID, certificate status and OS versions prior to granting access. Laptops and PCs are also interrogated for the presence, or absence of security software, client certificates and device ID. Devices that do not meet policy requirements are not granted network access and the user is notified of non-compliance.

Easy to use from any endpoint.

The Dell SonicWALL E-Class SRA Appliances provide a single gateway for all access, and a common user experience across all platforms — including iOS, Mac OSX, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows® and Linux® — from managed or unmanaged devices.
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Platform features.

Robust software features include secure remote access to mission-critical applications and resources, an in-office remote access experience for end users and unsurpassed levels of granular access control.

Mobile Connect.

Mobile Connect™, available as a mobile app for Apple® iOS , Mac OSX, Kindle Fire and Google® Android™ mobile devices and embedded with Windows 8.1 devices, provides users with simple, policy-enforced access to corporate and academic resources over encrypted SSL VPN connections.
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Smart Access Controls.

E-Class SRA Smart Access offers transparent, dynamic deployment of appropriate access methods based on user identity, endpoint security or zone classification and resource.
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E-Class SRA Connect.

With E-Class SRA Connect™, mobile and remote users of IT-managed and unmanaged devices can securely access key business applications and enjoy an “in-office” experience through the Dell SonicWALL WorkPlace Portal.
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Centralized Management and Reporting.

The Dell SonicWALL Global Management System and Dell SonicWALL Analyzer provide a comprehensive architecture for centrally creating and managing remote access policies so organizations can achieve real-time monitoring, log and analyze remote access activity by user and deliver intuitive reports.
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Native Access Modules.

Using a single portal link, E-class SRA Native Access Modules™ provide remote users with native protocol access to server-based Citrix applications, Windows Terminal Services, VMware View™ and Dell vWorkspace sessions over SSL VPN.
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Unified Policy.

Unified Policy™ allows administrators to set policy with a single rule across all objects in minutes instead of hours.
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End Point Control.

Mobile devices are interrogated for essential security information such as jailbreak or root status, device ID, certificate status and OS versions prior to granting access. Laptops and PCs are also interrogated for the presence, or absence of, security software, client certificates and device ID. Devices that do not meet policy requirements are not allowed network access and the user is notified of non-compliance.
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Dell SonicWALL E-Class SRA WorkPlace delivers clientless browser access for web applications, client/server applications and file shares from iOS, Android, Windows, Apple Mac or Linux endpoint devices.
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Secure Virtual Assist.

E-Class SRA Secure Virtual Assist allows a technician to assume control of a customer’s PC or laptop to provide assistance and fix problems. Remote professionals can also connect to their PC to stay productive.
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Other Features




Enforce advanced endpoint control

Allow administrators to enhance BYOD security by configuring Windows, Mac OS or Linux device profiles from an extensive predefined list of anti-spyware, anti-virus and personal firewall software with SonicWALL™ End Point Control™.

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Safeguard sensitive information

Ensure secure remote access by creating a virtual environment for Windows that prevents sensitive information from being left behind, with Secure Desktop, part of SonicWALL End Point Control.

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Add capacity instantly when needed most

Increase your remote user count in the event of a disaster, business disruption or seasonal spike, with the SonicWALL Spike License Pack. This temporary capacity add-on license includes global 24/7 customer service and support for the duration of the spike period.

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Offer remote native protocol access

Using a single portal link, provide users with clientless, native protocol access to a wide range of remote server-based Citrix applications, Windows Terminal Services sessions and VMware View over SSL VPN, with SonicWALL™ Native Access Modules™.

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Add remote support

Get a cost-effective alternative to traditional remote support tools with SonicWALL Secure Virtual Assist.

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Generate advanced reporting

Evaluate and track all remote user access to your enterprise resources, and generate custom or standard reports with SonicWALL Advanced Reporting™.

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