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Dell SonicWALL SRA 1600 Appliance

Easy-to-use, affordable secure remote access ssl-vpn.

Easy, affordable secure remote access for small- to medium-sized businesses. Maintain a business edge by keeping workers productive, with access to resources from anywhere. Simple to deploy, use and manage, requiring no pre-installed client software.

starting at $1,095

Product features.

Designed for organizations with up to 50 remote employees, the SRA 1600 offers granular policy configuration controls, seamless integration, mobile device support and more. Remote employees can easily access email, files and applications using the web-based Virtual Office or NetExtender, a lightweight client providing network level connectivity.

Broad access to resources.

Through the web-based Virtual Office portal, users can access authorized intranet (HTTP, HTTPS), file (FTP, CIFS), desktop (Citrix® Remote Desktop RDP, VNC) and terminal (Telnet, SSH) resources. Bookmarks allow browser-based, clientless access to applications like Microsoft® SharePoint®, OWA 2007 and OWA 2010 from mobile and desktop devices. And network-level access can be extended to corporate applications such as Microsoft Outlook®, proprietary applications and servers with Mobile Connect and NetExtender technology.
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Enhanced security with Clean VPN.

The SRA 1600 works with virtually any firewall, though deploying it alongside a Dell SonicWALL firewall delivers enhanced security benefits. The multi-layered protection of Dell SonicWALL Clean VPN™ secures both VPN access and traffic. All authorized SSL VPN traffic is decrypted and decontaminated before it enters the network environment. While cleaning inbound traffic for malware, outbound traffic is verified in real time.

Mobile device support.

Businesses can enjoy mobile and remote device support for multiple platforms including Windows®, Mac OS®, Linux®, Apple® iOS and Google® Android™ for easy access to email, web, file shares and bookmarks. Extensive ActiveSync® support allows easy access to calendar, email and contacts.

Secure Virtual Assist.

Dell SonicWALL Secure Virtual Assist makes it easy for a technician to assume control of a customer’s Windows, Mac OS or Linux system to provide technical assistance and remotely diagnose and fix problems.

Platform features.

A variety of customizable features ensure the Dell SonicWALL SRA Series delivers the consistent, reliable access experience remote users want, and the control and ease of use administrators require.

NetExtender technology.

With a thin client pushed transparently onto the client’s desktop, laptop or smartphone, users enjoy seamless and secure network layer access to intranet, file, desktop and terminal resources, including Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft SharePoint.
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Mobile Connect.

Mobile Connect™, available as a mobile app for Apple® iOS , Mac OSX, Kindle Fire and Google® Android™ mobile devices and embedded with Windows 8.1 devices, provides users with simple, policy-enforced access to corporate and academic resources over encrypted SSL VPN connections.

Unified policy.

Through the management interface, network administrators have a central location in which they can define administrator bookmarks and create policies to control user access to streamline configuration, troubleshooting and administrative overhead.

Granular security.

With granular policy configuration controls, network administrators can easily create policies that lock down users to specific resources and applications to effectively manage access from trusted and untrusted users and devices.
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One-time passwords.

A unique one-time password can be generated for every login and combined with the user name and standard network password for enhanced log on protection.
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Customized web portal.

Each remote user launches a personalized web portal for easy access to email, files, applications, internal websites and other authorized resources.
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Easy-to-use web management interface.

The easy-to-use web-based GUI makes configuration, monitoring and updating the SRA appliance and user policies easy and straightforward.
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Load balancing.

Administrators can use the Dell SonicWALL SRA load balancing feature set to partition HTTP/HTTPS-based requests across multiple web, email or other server-based applications, or to provide load balancing for other SRA appliances.
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Secure Virtual Assist.

Dell SonicWALL Secure Virtual Assist makes it easy for a technician to assume control of a customer’s Windows, Mac OS or Linux system to provide technical assistance and remotely diagnose and fix problems.
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Secure Virtual Access.

Through Secure Virtual Access, authorized users can remotely access their unattended Windows-based computers from any internet connection to increase productivity.
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SMB Spike License Pack.

The Dell SonicWALL SMB Spike License Pack is an add-on license that enables distributed businesses to increase remote user count immediately in the event of emergencies, business disruptions or seasonal spikes, providing seamless business continuity.
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Web Application Firewall Service.

With automatic signature updates for continuous malware protection, the Dell SonicWALL Web Application Firewall (WAF) Service can help control website access and protect web applications from being attacked.
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Key Feature

  1. Requires Virtual Assist/Virtual Access, licensed add-on modules available only for SRA 4600, SRA 1600 and SRA Virtual appliances. Virtual Assist and Virtual Access are licensed based on the number of concurrent technicians. Virtual Assist and Virtual Access 30-day free trials are available on the SRA 4600, SRA 1600 and SRA Virtual appliances.
  2. Requires Web Application Firewall, a licensed add-on module available only for SRA 4600, SRA 1600 and SRA Virtual appliances. The licenses are available as 1, 2 and 3-Year licenses.
  3. The recommended number of users supported is based on factors such as access mechanisms, applications accessed and application traffic being sent.

Stop web application attacks and data leakage.

Block cross-site scripting, injection attacks and cookie tampering in compliance with OWASP Top 10 and PCI DSS, with the SonicWALL Web Application Firewall (WAF) service1. You can also prevent credit card and Social Security number theft, and enable automatic application profiling for multiple WAF-enabled portals.

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Help technicians support remote computers

Allow your technicians to assume control over a customer’s Windows®, Mac OS® or Linux® system to provide technical assistance and remotely diagnose and fix problems from your SSL VPN appliance, with SonicWALL Secure Virtual Assist.

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Enable access to remote computers

Let authorized users gain secure access to their unattended Windows computers from any Internet connection to increase productivity.

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Conduct secure virtual meetings

Instantly bring meeting participants together securely and cost-effectively, with SonicWALL Secure Virtual Meeting2.

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Add capacity instantly when needed most

Increase your remote user count in the event of a disaster, business disruption or seasonal spike, with the SonicWALL Spike License Pack.

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  1. Additional license required; available as a software add-on module.
  2. Available in conjunction with Secure Virtual Assist for SRA 4600 and SRA Virtual Appliances only. Additional license required; available as a software add-on module.


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