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The Network Security SonicOS Platform Management & Reporting

Administrators require deep intelligence about network utilization and user activity without having time to sift through large amounts of data. Dell SonicWALL Analyzer reporting software graphically illustrates network activity, such as bandwidth utilization, VPN reporting, threats observed website usage and more. Keeping compliant with external mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA using Analyzer’s customized reporting features is simple. All reports are comprehensive and easy to read, providing insight into usage trends and security events that can be easily distributed.

Convenient interface.

Analyzer software comes with a convenient dashboard that is highly customizable to suit your specific needs. With “at-a-glance” reporting that shows multiple summaries on a single page, you can easily drill down for more detail to analyze data across multiple reports.

Graphical reports.

All Dell SonicWALL appliances, over both wired and wireless networks, send information to the Analyzer software. This information is then transformed into reports that are easy to understand, highly customizable, and available in multiple formats. The configurable reports include information on any firewall attacks, details on bandwidth usage, website visits and user activity, all providing greater visibility into both productivity and suspicious activity.


Analyzer reports can assist in preparation for regulatory audits or regular reporting needs. Because the reporting function is highly customizable, it is possible to create reports that fulfill very specific compliance requirements. Reports can be set to run on a scheduled basis or can be generated ad hoc at any time. Reports can also be saved as templates for future use.

Easy and secure access.

Multiple users can log in simultaneously to generate reports that are specific to their own needs and responsibilities. In addition, because Analyzer is accessed through an ordinary Web browser, administrators can access all of the reporting functions from any location. Of course, access to reports is secure and based on secure access protocols.