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Email Security Virtual Appliance

Powerful email security in a virtualized environment.

Your virtual alternative for an email security appliance. The Dell SonicWALL Email Security Virtual Appliance cuts costs and eases management for distributed enterprises and managed service providers, and increases efficiency and resource availability.

Virtual Appliance features.

As a hardened, performance-optimized virtual server, the Dell SonicWALL Email Security Virtual Appliance provides complete inbound and outbound email protection for less.

Spam, phishing and virus protection.

Fourteen different techniques—including advanced IP reputation, Image Inference analysis and more—not only block spam, phishing and virus emails, but also ensure delivery of good email.

Increased savings.

Pre-configured virtual machine has no professional service fees or hidden costs. By running multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer, small to mid-sized businesses can consolidate resources and reduce expenses.

Easy migration.

Deployment costs are minimized since administrators can simply move a snapshot of a virtual environment to new physical server infrastructure. Less administration time is required per server.


Hardened OS prohibits users from tampering with the underlying integrity of the virtual appliances. Performance-optimized architecture activates only necessary processes.

Deployment for SMBs.

Virtualized security for small and medium businesses can be delivered as an efficient and affordable cloud-based service or as a virtual environment on the private LAN.

Deplyment for MSPs.

By offering cloud-based services, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can become more competitive, increasing efficiency and profitability. MSPs can also easily spin off new deployments with minimal incremental investment.

Deployment for enterprises.

To support larger deployments and scalability, administrators can use Split-Config Mode to deploy multiple virtual appliances within a single server or across multiple servers. Significant savings for mid-to-large and distributed enterprises are achieved through economies-of-scale.
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Item Details
Hypervisor ESXi™ and ESX™ (version 5.1 and newer)
Operating System Installed Hardened SonicLinux
Allocated Memory 4 GB
Appliance Disk Size 160 GB
Documentation VMware Hardware Compatibility Guide

Ensure your email is safe, productive and cost effective, and meet email compliance mandates, with SonicWALL™ Email Security appliances, software, virtual appliances and services. Deliver email virus and spam protection, whether for one individual or a 100,000-person company.

TotalSecure email subscription

Ensure greater return on investment and long-term value with a subscription bundle including SonicWALL Email Protection subscription with 24x7 Dynamic Support, Email Compliance subscription, and multi-layer AV including SonicWALL GRID AV, Time Zero AV, McAfee AV, Kaspersky AV and Cyren AV.

Email protection subscription with dynamic support (required with appliance or software purchase)

Deliver threat protection for SonicWALL Email Security Software or Appliances, with SonicWALL Email Protection subscription with Dynamic Support (8x5 or 24x7). You receive:

  • Automatic anti-spam, anti-phishing & anti-virus updates from the SonicWALL GRID Network
  • Software and firmware updates
  • Phone-based support (8x5 or 24x7), web-based support (anytime)
  • RMA for the appliance: One (1) year warranty for repair or replacement of any defective product due to manufacturer's defects

Anti-Virus subscriptions

Add optional multilayer anti-virus protection, including McAfee, Kaspersky and Cyren signature updates, SonicWALL Time-Zero Anti-Virus and Zombie detection.

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Email compliance & encryption subscription

Promote compliance with internal and industry mandates, using compliance dictionaries, attachment scanning, approval boxes, record ID matching, archiving, encryption and compliance reports.

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