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The Network Security SonicOS Platform Centralized Policy Management

The Dell™ SonicWALL™ Global Management System (GMS) gives network administrators and solutions providers the ability to monitor, configure and report on dozens—or even thousands—of Dell SonicWALL appliances from a single intuitive interface. Real-time GMS monitoring features send alerts as soon as an issue is detected. With GMS, administrators can easily view, group and manage the policies and configurations of Dell SonicWALL appliances on local or distributed networks. And with custom GMS reports and policies, it is easier to streamline internal or regulatory compliance initiatives.

Intuitive interface.

Dell SonicWALL GMS offers an intuitive, Web-based interface that lets IT administrators easily take control of thousands of Dell SonicWALL NSA appliances to simplify configuration and policy management greatly. By reducing the complexity of network management, GMS significantly lowers total cost of ownership.

Easy customization.

With GMS, administrators can consolidate, group, and classify thousands of appliances and their security policies with ease. IT can customize the security environment to suit individual policies and even create different policies for separate user groups or departments.

Robust reporting.

The integrated reporting architecture lets IT customize and schedule reports that are individually tailored to the needs of specific executives, managers, customers or regulatory bodies. Detailed reporting and customizable policy creation can be used as part of your compliance initiatives to meet both internal and external regulations.

Device monitoring and alerting.

Real-time alerts with integrated monitoring capabilities lets managers take preventive action and address problems immediately as they arise.

Object management.

Object-based management allows changes to be propagated across all Dell SonicWALL appliances. An administrator simply defines an object, such as a user group, network, service or interface. When a security policy changes, the administrator only has to modify that object—without having to manually redefine the rules for each individual appliance.

Universal Management Appliance.

GMS is available as standalone software for Windows based third party servers. GMS is also included with the Dell SonicWALL Universal Management Appliance, eliminating the need to purchase and install third party hardware, an operating system, database and the software application separately. learn more

Virtual Appliance.

The Dell SonicWALL GMS Virtual Appliance includes a software appliance that has already been pre-installed and pre-configured for virtual environments, allowing for the secure and easy deployment of a Global Management System (GMS) solution.