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SSL VPN Secure Remote Access Security Services Aventail Advanced Reporting

Dell SonicWALL Aventail Advanced Reporting™ provides powerful analysis of remote access to your network resources. A robust hierarchical log analysis tool, Advance Reporting is enables you to track and evaluate all remote user access to your enterprise resources over your secure remote access (SRA) solution. Administrators can generate standard or custom reports and then grant access to those reports for specified recipients. Hosted off-appliance on a Windows or Linux system and accessible through standard Web browsers on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS devices, Advanced Reporting delivers global enterprise reporting.

Multiplatform off-appliance hosting.

Advanced Reporting runs on a separate server, not on your Dell SonicWALL Aventail SSL VPN appliance. This enables you to choose the platform—Windows or Linux—on which you want to host the reporting, providing more granular control of resources. You can access Advanced Reporting remotely through standard Web browsers on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS devices.

Easily generated custom reports from anywhere.

Advanced Reporting provides an intuitive user interface that leads you through every step of browsing your log file's statistics. Statistics pages are full of links to related information and organized intuitively so you can get to the information quickly you need with a minimum number of clicks. A powerful hierarchical optimization feature automatically reorganizes the hierarchy to increase the amount of useful information on each page.

Optimized for your Aventail SSL VPN.

Advanced Reporting lets you analyze events and generate dynamic statistical reports based upon dynamic filtering of multiple field types including date, time, source and destination host fields. Advanced Reporting can parse Dell SonicWALL Aventail SSL VPN logs, import data into an internal database, aggregate the data and generate reports, all through a Web interface. Using dynamic drill-down filters, you can quickly and easily isolate and zoom in on sought-after information.