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Dell SonicWALL offers advanced detection and routing techniques for email compliance management, including compliance dictionaries; record ID (pattern) matching; email encryption; email archiving solutions; mail storage/retrieval routing; and approval box routing.

The compliance challenge.

Dell SonicWALL Email Security enables organizations to meet regulatory requirements based on government legislation, such as HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, or SOX; industry standards, such as PCI; or corporate governance activities, such as data loss prevention (DLP) programs by ensuring the secure exchange of email containing sensitive customer data or confidential information.

Compliance Dictionaries+

Compliance Dictionaries

Compliance dictionaries.

Financial Terms and Medical Terms dictionaries, which can be edited if desired, are supplied by Dell SonicWALL.  Administrators can create or import their own dictionaries as needed.

Record ID Matching+

Record ID Matching

Attachment scanning.

Look for content within attachments including Word, PowerPoint, PDF and 300+ other file types to ensure sensitive data does not leave within attachments.

Record ID matching.

Search for predefined social security numbers, bank routing numbers or credit card numbers. An easy to use Web-based UI enables custom record searches.

Approval Boxes+

Approval Boxes

Predefined policies.

Dell SonicWALL provides predefined compliance policies, which can be used as-is or modified to fit an organization’s specific requirements.

Approval boxes.

Allow viewing and approval of e-mails that potentially violate compliance policies before they leave the organization.

E-mail archiving.

Inbound and/or outbound e-mail can be archived on the same appliance. Or, organizations can route e-mails that match a specific policies to an external archive.

Encryption routing.

Dell SonicWALL Email Security has TLS (gateway-to-gateway) encryption is built in.  In addition, E-mail that matches a defined policy can be routed to a third party encryption/decryption server.

encryption email flow graphic+

encryption email flow graphic

mobile experience screen shot+

mobile experience screen shot

Email Encryption.

Integrated email encryption is also available for Dell SonicWALL Email Security. Policies can be configured to scan outbound email content and attachments for sensitive data. When sensitive data is detected, the email is encrypted for secure email exchange. Encrypted email can be tracked to confirm the time of receipt and time opened. Intuitive for the recipient, a notification email is delivered to the recipient’s inbox with instructions to simply log into a secure portal to read or securely download the email. The service is cloud-based so, unlike competitive solutions, no additional client software is necessary and encrypted email may be accessed and read from mobile devices or laptops.

Compliance reporting.

Enable your organization to monitor and report on compliance-related e-mail traffic.


The compliance management features on this page are accessible by activating the Dell SonicWALL Email Security Compliance Subscription service on a properly licensed Dell SonicWALL Email Security appliance or software system.