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The Anti-Spam & Email Security Platform Stop attacks with over 99% effectiveness

Spam and malware evolves constantly. No single analytic technique is enough to stop it. That’s why Dell SonicWALL uses more than 14 different techniques, including advanced IP reputation checks, Dell SonicWALL GRIDprint analysis, adversarial Bayesian filtering, image analysis and gibberish detection. These multiple proven techniques not only block bad email, they also confidently ensure delivery of good email.

Email Protection Techniques+

Email Protection Techniques

Aggressiveness Settings+

Aggressiveness Settings

Junk Email Routing Options+

Junk Email Routing Options

Multiple techniques for multiple tricks.

Spammers are sneaky, so Dell SonicWALL employs multiple techniques. Advanced Reputation Management works at the connection level to detect, log and reject junk messages. Advanced Content Management is where a variety of message filtering techniques are applied to remove any remaining junk email.

Aggressive where it counts.

Many solutions analyze all email messages the same way, treating pornography the same as newsletters. Dell SonicWALL categorizes messages and allows you to tailor your spam blocking aggressiveness to those categories. The result, aggressive effectiveness where is matters most—in your inbox.

Flexible routing.

With Dell SonicWALL, spam, phishing and virus messages can have different (or the same) routing for each type of threat. For example, spam can be tagged and delivered, phishing email can go to the user’s junk box and virus email can be deleted. In addition, Dell SonicWALL separates out spam from likely spam. Likely spam is where you’ll find spammy items like e-newsletters that are not yet on a user’s allow list, but are not really spam.