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SMA Platform SMA Native Access Modules

Dell™ E-Class SRA Native Access Modules™ provide native protocol access to Citrix®, Windows® Terminal Services, Dell vWorkspace and VMWare® View via a secure Dell SonicWALL E-Class SRA appliance. Native Access Modules deliver access to server-based sessions without any additional configuration. Using a single portal link, remote users receive an easy, seamless experience while accessing all virtual desktop sessions including support for load-balance Citrix farms.

Easy consistent user experience.

The E-Class SRA WorkPlace portal environment provides a consistent experience for users accessing the Native Access Modules.

E-Class SRA Native Access Modules+

E-Class SRA Native Access Modules

Applications using Native Access Modules appear as WorkPlace links — just like the other available resources accessed via the E-class SRA Appliance, and are identified with an icon and text indicating that a graphical terminal agent is serving the application. Since these modules work with browsers that support HTML5 or either ActiveX or Java without needing additional administrator rights, users can easily reach the applications they need from their office, home, a hotel, or from a kiosk. Users can use a Single Sign-On (SSO) to Windows Terminal Services, Citrix, Dell vWorkspace or VMWare View and automatically start applications upon connection, providing a simple, seamless experience.

Easy to deploy and manage.

To configure Native Access Modules access, administrators simply need to set up WorkPlace links to individual Windows Terminal Services, VMWare View, Dell vWorkspace or Citrix servers or server groups. With Native Access Modules, users don't need installed agents to gain instant access to these resources. Advanced options in WorkPlace allow an administrator to define a number of criteria specific to Native Access Modules, such as defining a Citrix ICA application file, SSO options, startup applications, screen resolution and color depth and local resource re-direction.