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SMA Platform SMA Unified Policy

E-Class SRA Appliance Unified Policy™ significantly reduces work for administrators by providing centralized administration with just a single rule set for all resources and access methods. This extensible object-based policy model consolidates control of all Web resources, file shares and client-server resources in a single location. This lets you quickly set policy with a single rule across all objects, so that policy management can take only minutes instead of the hours it takes with other VPNs. Unified Policy can populate groups dynamically based on RADIUS, ACE, LDAP, or Active Directory authentication repositories, including Nested Groups. One-Time Password (OTP) support provides a built-in method to generate and distribute secondary factors, for easy and cost-effective two-factor authentication. E–Class SRA offers robust authentication support for Single Sign-On (SSO) and forms-based Web applications. In addition, users can easily update their own passwords at any time without IT assistance.

E-Class SRA Appliance Unified Policy +

E-Class SRA Appliance Unified Policy

Integrated Policy Zones and End Point Control.

With Unified Policy, you can define objects as users and groups to which access is extended, or as the various types of resources that are available for remote access. In addition, Policy Zones, which classify end points into a level of trust—each with its own associated level of access such as trusted, semi-trusted and non-trusted—are also objects. The Administration Management Console (AMC) helps administrators quickly define and view the policy rules for all access options. E-Class SRA Unified Policy integrates with End Point Control™ and policy management in a streamlined model, as shown in the Access Control graphic below. With an easy-to-use setup wizard and one rule set for all access methods and resource types, policy setup and management is at least three times faster than with other SSL VPNs, often taking less than 15 minutes. Optional Advanced EPC™ simplifies end point detection with a comprehensive checklist of anti-virus, personal firewall and anti-spyware. And optional Advanced Reporting™, a robust hierarchical log analysis tool to audit all remote user access, lets you generate and customize reports.

Highly-efficient and granular access control.

With Unified Policy, administrators can gain highly efficient and granular access control by defining a resource once and then leveraging it with multiple rules. This allows users to reside in multiple groups with overlapping rules, if that's how the directory is structured. IT can enable different access privileges based on the security level of particular end-point devices, or enable groups of users to access applications based on time of day, cryptography strength and the source network used for access. E-Class SRA Appliances were the first SSL VPNs to offer an access control policy that handles rules sequentially. In addition, the object-based Unified Policy model enables you to define and maintain resources, users, groups and zones independently of access control rules — making future policy changes much easier.

Sophisticated access control increases security.

Only Dell‘s best-of-breed E-Class SRA Appliances can accommodate a variety of access requirements and offer the intelligent access control you need. The Dell E-Class SRA appliance hierarchical, object-based policy model is ideal for supporting End Point Control, which enables you to enforce policy and determine access based not only on the level of trust that IT has for the user, but also on trust for his or her access environment. Only Dell™ E-Class SRA appliances offer cross-platform protection for users of Macintosh, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows and Windows Mobile-based computers. Dell Mobile Connect™, available as a mobile app forApple® iOS and Mac OSX, Kindle Fire and Google® Android™ mobile devices and embedded with Windows 8.1 devices, provides users with simple, policy-enforced mobile access to corporate and academic resources over encrypted SSL VPN connections.