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SMA Platform SMA Virtual Assist

Administrators can configure and license Dell Secure Mobile Access Virtual Assist easily via the administrative interface, creating a cost-effective alternative to traditional remote support and remote PC access tools. Virtual Assist pushes browser-based thin clients to technicians and customers to establish a session through the cloud via an SSL VPN product.

Anywhere, anytime support.

When remote employees, partners or customers need immediate technical assistance, Virtual Assist enables a technician to assume full control of the endpoint desktop or laptop, eliminating costs and delays associated with cross-shipping equipment or off-site travel by technicians. With the user's permission, the technician can gain instant access to the computer using a Web browser, making it easy to diagnose and fix a problem.  Users experience improved customer service and resolution time, allowing them to be more productive.

Easy-to-use customer portal.

Virtual Assist provides an easy-to-use Web portal that can enhance the customer's experience with a user-friendly look-and-feel. Customers may either log on to the portal and request remote support directly, or accept an email invitation from a technician to start a remote support session. In addition to Windows, Virtual Assist is also available for customers that need assistance with Apple Mac® computers.

Interactive communication tools.

Users may interact directly with the technician in real time during the support session using a robust built-in chat feature. File transfer capabilities allow the users to receive necessary file updates from IT in real-time as needed. Users are free to end the remote support session at any time.

Thin client connectivity.

"Thin" client connectivity eliminates the need for IT to pre-install "fat" clients at the remote endpoint computer, greatly reducing remote deployment overhead from travel and cross-shipping costs, and eliminates frustration from users attempting to install and configure clients on their own.

Easy management of remote support.

Virtual Assist provides an easy-to-use technician client to facilitate managing and scheduling of the support queue or inviting specific users via email. Furthermore, Virtual Assist integrates seamlessly with the Dell SonicWALL SRA administrative interface, enabling IT administrators to easily license and configure the module for a variety of deployment configurations, including internal IT help desk, global call centers, or support from trusted third-party consultants. Chat, file transfer and diagnostic utilities are available to the technician in order to improve time to resolution for issues. The option to receive email notification once a customer requests support also allows a technician to be engaged in other tasks while waiting for requests. The technician or customer may end the remote support session at any time.

Leverages existing infrastructure.

Seamless integration of the SRA appliance behind any firewall enables organizations to leverage their existing network infrastructure. Tight integration with existing LDAP, AD, NT Domain, RADIUS, RSA, VASCO or one-time password authentication infrastructure ensures confirmation of technician identities and prevents unauthorized access to customers' systems. It also enables an administrator to granularly segment technicians into various groups, each with different access privileges.

256-Bit AES SSL encryption.

The SRA appliance secures the entire support session using 256-bit AES SSL encryption. This not only provides a secure environment for the data, but also assists in efforts to comply with internal and external regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.

Easy remote PC access with Virtual Access increases productivity.

Not only can Virtual Assist provide remote support options, it can also provide remote PC access for the on-the-go remote professional. Remote employees often need to connect back to an unattended PC to stay productive. That PC could be a home office computer or a small branch office PC that does not normally connect back to the LAN. Dell SonicWALL Virtual Access enables authorized end users to gain secure remote access to their unattended Windows-based computers from anywhere. By easily installing the Virtual Access agent onto a Windows PC with Internet access and a connection to the SRA 4200 or 1200 appliance, an authorized user can connect to that PC from anywhere over the Internet. They simply log into the Dell SonicWALL SSL VPN Web portal, and select the Virtual Access option to connect back to the unattended