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SMA Platform SMA Workplace

Dell SonicWALL E-Class SRA Workplace delivers clientless browser access for Web applications, client/server applications and file shares from a broad range of browsers and operating systems, including Windows®, Macintosh® and Linux® based devices. For smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android, Workplace provides access to web-based resources, while ActiveSync can be used to access email, in addition to calendar and contact updates.

Secure access from anywhere.

With Workplace access, you give the user a URL to access the corporate network from a standard Web browser. After the user logs on to WorkPlace, a customized remote access portal displayed in the browser window. The WorkPlace portal only displays links and personalized bookmarks relevant to the particular endpoint device. WorkPlace supports Windows, Macintosh, or Linux endpoint devices, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

Integrated security and policy control.

Transparently, E-Class SRA Smart Access performs advanced device interrogation by using End Point Control and integrated Smart Policy to determine the right kind of access for the device and to authenticate the user, allowing for the widest range of authentication options in the industry. After logging on, the user sees a list of applications and resources that he or she is authorized to use. The user clicks an item to access the application or resource that he or she needs and has permission to access according to the policy set up by the administrator.

Ideal for unmanaged remote endpoint locations.

Users can access E-Class SRA Workplace using a standard browser. The user can securely access internal Web applications and file servers from the Workplace portal. The appliance platform handles all authentication, encryption, authorization and session cleanup. With E-Class SRA WorkPlace, the Dell appliance delivers an unmatched combination of convenience and reduction of risk. Workplace access using a standard Web browser is well suited for clientless remote access from kiosks or other untrusted locations, and for business partners who need secure access to a limited set of resources.

Clientless Microsoft ActiveSync Support.

The E-Class SRA platform features clientless Microsoft ActiveSync® support for iPhone®, iPad™ and Android® devices through the E-Class SRA appliance. ActiveSync support allows an administrator to secure access to email, contacts and calendar functions through the SSL VPN, without having to expose an Exchange® server at the edge of the network. ActiveSync features the ability to require users to authenticate through the SSL VPN (username/password), as well as require device identification against information stored in the user’s Active Directory or LDAP account.