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The SRA Platform SRA Customized Web Portal

The personalized portal serves two purposes; first, it displays only those assets that each user is authorized to access based on corporate policy, and second, it provides an easy to use interface to make the end-user experience simple and straightforward.

End User Experience.

End users can easily and securely gain access to e-mail, files, and applications on the corporate LAN. The customizable Web interface provides a highly personalized experience for each end user. The end user does not need to install, configure or update any client software, because secure access is clientless and takes place through a standard Web browser. For greater access levels through NetExtender, end users still have the same level of transparency and ease of use. The NetExtender thin client is pushed through the browser onto the local client.

The greatest advantage to the end user is the flexibility afforded by the SSL VPN model—unlike IPSec VPNs, the remote user can access their personalized portal from any computer equipped with an Internet connection and standard Web browser. Remote users aren't limited to using specially-configured laptops provided by the IT department, as is the case with IPSec VPN; they can safely and securely connect to the network from a computer at a client site, at an Internet cafe, or anywhere else.

Access Policy Management.

The personalized portal is a key element in controlling granular access for each end user. The policies that are created and enforced by the network administrator are reflected in the personalized portal, which reveals to the end user access to only those resources which they are authorized to view. While the personalized portal provides end users with an easy and friendly experience, it also serves to lock down each user to specific sets of applications and resources thus adding another layer of security.

Easy Set-up.

The end-user does not need to do anything extra to take advantage of the personalized portal; an individualized Web portal is served up to each end-user by the system. It is not necessary for the end-user to download or install any software clients, or to configure the portal interface.

On the administrator side, an easy-to-use graphical user interface and context-sensitive help links guide the administrator quickly through the entire process.