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The SRA Platform SRA Granular Access

The concept behind Dell™ SonicWALL™ Secure Remote Access (SRA) Series and Dell SonicWALL Aventail® E-Class  SRA Series appliances is to allow remote users to gain access to the network from any location. However, all users are different. Traveling executives may need access to sensitive corporate data, while at the same time, an administrator may wish to allow a partner access to the virtual private network (VPN), but wants to restrict that partner's access to only viewing an inventory database. Dell SonicWALL SRA Series appliances work at the application layer, and therefore allow an administrator to lock down each remote user to specific applications and resources, to prevent unauthorized access, and to make sure that those users have access to only what corporate policy allows. In addition, the Dell SonicWALL SRA Series feature Dell SonicWALL Unified Policy, which displays granular bookmarks and policies in one centralized page, thus streamlining configuration, troubleshooting and administrative overhead.

SRA Granular Access+

SRA Granular Access

Granular access control.

The ability to enforce granular access controls gives the administrator the power to provide employees, partners, and clients with remote access to very specific and defined resources, according to the needs of each remote user.

Restricted, unless authorized.

The Dell SonicWALL SRA appliance gives the administrator the option to impose the strictest security policy possible, taking a strategy of denying everything that is not expressly permitted. This allows you to impose a highly granular access policy at the application layer, allowing remote users to easily access the system, but to access only what they need. This differs from IPSec VPN solutions, which take the opposite strategy of first having a blanket authorization, and then restricting individual areas after the fact. The latter may be well-suited to fixed, point-to-point remote connections where the remote user is a highly trusted individual of a remote branch office, but for the dynamic flexibility required by modern businesses, the granular security of the Dell SonicWALL SRA is a must-have.

Greater flexibility in assigning access.

With the Dell SonicWALL SRA, administrators can assign each individual user access to a very specific set of resources, based on their particular needs. Remote users vary in their need of resources. A third-party contractor may only need or should only be allowed to have access to a single specific database, while a trusted employee working from the road may require access to more resources.
For larger groups of users, the administrator also has the option of assigning access by group instead of by individual for easier setup. Members are assigned to defined user groups based on their access requirements, and access is then assigned to groups instead of individual users. Administration is always straightforward, through the network object-based configuration interface.

Access to more resources.

You can configure access policy to provide granular access to many different types of resources on the network. If the remote user connects using a standard Web browser, you can provide them with access to specific Web-based applications, Intranets, FTP, and Windows File Sharing. Through the Mobile Connect App or NetExtender, you can add access to any TCP/IP based application, including native email clients. Dell SonicWALL supports Citrix XenApp, RDP to a Microsoft Terminal Server and VNC. Through a standard browser that supports HTML5, or a transparently-downloaded ActiveX or Java client, remote users can be permitted to access any application installed on a desktop machine or hosted on an application server, and users can be permitted to have full remote control of a desktop or server machine.