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Export Compliance

Export & Foreign Trade Control Compliance

SonicWALL complies with the laws and regulations governing export and foreign trade controls and expects its employees and distributors, resellers and those who handle its products to do the same.  Any person or entity exporting or re-exporting SonicWALL’s products directly or indirectly and via any means, including electronic transfer, must comply with all applicable US laws including the U.S. Export Administration Regulations as well as the laws of host countries.

Export controls also are a component of the broader range of U.S. foreign trade controls.  Restrictions are imposed through unilateral or multilateral economic sanctions programs.  Currently, the U.S. government maintains comprehensive unilateral sanction programs against countries identified as state sponsors of terrorism .  The U.S. also maintains sanctions that affect exports and re-exports against individuals and organizations that are Foreign Terrorist Organizations, Foreign Terrorists, Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons, and Drug Kingpins .  These lists are long, frequently change, and include individuals from countries throughout the world. Other U.S. laws may be relevant to international exports and sales, including the U.S. anti-boycott regulations.

SonicWALL’s Products which are subject to the Export Administration Regulations are submitted to the US export control agency, BIS, for classification.  A matrix of those classifications including the ECCN and CCATS are listed here.

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