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Why a SonicWALL Account?

Having a SonicWALL® account offers a lot of benefits. For starters, you’ll get instant access to important product updates and notifications. You can take advantage of onsite bookmarking. And you’ll be able to use the Owners Portal, which makes it even easier to manage your network and receive support when you need it.


Stay on top of product updates, support notifications, reseller alerts and more. Find out when a new firmware is released or when your security services are about to expire.

Owner and partner portals.

Use the owners portal to register your SonicWALL products, manage your subscriptions and open support cases. The portal also offers exclusive tools and training for SonicWALL resellers.


With onsite bookmarking, you can flag the pages that are important to you—and then get back to them in a snap. You can flip between product pages to compare two or more products. And enjoy easy access to documents that are frequently updated.

Other resources.

We will continue to add new features on a regular basis for SonicWALL registered users. So you’ll be able to enjoy the latest functionality and leverage new tools that can help you meet your goals.

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