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Why a SonicWALL Account?

IT managers are constantly in search of ways to enhance productivity by simplifying and streamlining hardware and software deployments. They also need timely, accurate and actionable information about their network infrastructure in order to guarantee uptime and security. The tools necessary to effectively manage today’s complex IT infrastructure need to be unified, online and easy-to-use. MySonicWALL delivers a convenient, centralized way to register and manage SonicWALL network security and data protection appliances and associated services. MySonicWALL is an easy-to-use online customer portal that enables organizations to manage their entire SonicWALL relationship in a single location. Busy IT managers can save time by using MySonicWALL to track firmware versions, existing software licenses and security service subscriptions. MySonicWALL helps prevent unanticipated service expirations, which can lead to crippling and costly security breaches and business interruptions. With MySonicWALL, it is easy for managers to renew existing security services and to subscribe to additional levels of security and data protection. Moreover, MySonicWALL allows customers to manage multiple discrete product installations, including Network Security, Email Security, Management & Reporting, Secure Mobile Access products and services spread across the enterprise.

Centralized Product and Service Management
Allows IT administrators to manage their entire SonicWALL relationship in a single, easy-to-use, online customer portal.

Online product registration
Enables IT administrators to add and register new SonicWALL products as their organization and security needs grow

Software and firmware downloads
Improve the level of protection by ensuring that the newest and most advanced features are immediately available for each SonicWALL solution. Software and firmware downloads are available to customers with a valid vsupport or service subscription and can be easily accessed and downloaded from MySonicWALL.

Buy Now 
Allows in most of our geographic locations the immediate purchase and renewal of the latest security services available for SonicWALL solutions directly from Dell SonicWALL with a few mouse clicks.

Eligible partners and customers can leverage our latest on-demand subscription platform that significantly improves the flexibility and management of SonicWALL services to lower capital and renewal overhead and support expenses. FlexSpend allows IT staff to easily renew and customize the duration and license node count of security services in a few mouse clicks. In addition, it allows the rapid transfer of subscription services to other units or to convert those  services to other subscription services in other units, if needed.

Software licensing and service renewals
Help administrators improve security readiness by ensuring that existing security subscriptions are always current. Maintaining valid and current security subscriptions is vital for protecting the enterprise from a wide range of security threats. Software licenses and service renewal features make security and data protection a snap. For every registered product, MySonicWALL makes it easy to determine current and valid subscriptions, upcoming subscription renewals and additional security options that are available.

Beta Program 
Optionally enroll to the latest firmware and security service programs for your own evaluation before everyone else.

Group management
Enables IT managers and end customers to share access or delegate authority with multiple, unique individuals, such as IT staff members, MSPs and outside consultants. Multiple users logically linked to a single SonicWALL installation enables teamwork and delegation for specialized management tasks.

Stay on top of service renewal updates, product firmware updates, new trial licenses, support notifications, reseller alerts and more. Find out when a new firmware is released or when your security services are about to expire.

Online knowledge base and customer forums
Provide access to essential tips, tricks and troubleshooting information commonly researched by other customers.

Online support tickets
Provide immediate access to a running log of open and closed support tickets with the SonicWALL technical support team.