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Document Name: SonicPoint and SonicOS Enhanced 2.5

As the proliferation of wireless continues in the workplace and within nearly every service industry, it becomes increasingly important to support more diverse, and more geographically expansive wireless network configurations. To accommodate wireless installations larger than those that can be serviced by the high powered SOHO TZW and TZ 170 Wireless, SonicOS Enhanced 2.5 incorporates and builds upon the security and usability innovations of SonicWALL's standalone wireless security products, allowing it to act as the center of a distributed wireless network. To extend the reach and intelligence of the core, up to 128 SonicPoint Access Points can be connected to a SonicWALL appliance (the total number of supported SonicPoints is platform dependent) running SonicOS Enhanced 2.5 or greater.

Updated: Dec 31, 2006
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Other: TN-171
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